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The 120 is a one stage blow molder (not from performs) for PET, PC and PP containers. The machine is capable of accepting 6 cavities (model 120) and 8 cavities in a larger format machine.

1,2,3,4 and 6 cavities available with 8 different models suitable for

Max production capability is:

  • 2.50 L in 1 cavity
  • 1.50 L in 2 cavities
  • 0.25 L in 5 cavities
  • 0.10 L in 6 cavities

Ideally suited for pharmaceutical, health care and cosmetic containers. Four rotational stations are used, a hot flow system and multi-level injection molder. Injection, temperature control, stretch blow molding and automatic discharge stations work simultaneously.

The ISBM-120 is an excellent alternative to Japanese machines with very similar output and quality.

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