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Pet All Manufacturing Inc. designs, develops, prototypes and mass produces a complete range of leak detectors for the plastic bottle industry.

There are 4 different groups of leak detectors:

  • GIG 5LD High Speed Leak Detector:
    Pet All's flagship machine, and a universal unit to supply 90% of applications. Very simple and easy to use, the 5LD is one of the world's fastest leak detectors for mid-to-small size containers.
  • GIG BUDGET 3LD Leak Detector:
    This is a special economic model normally placed in tandem with extrusion blow molding machines.
  • GIG 5LD Dual Leak Detector:
    This machine has all the same basic features as the standard GIG 5LD except that it has special in-feed equipment and has 2 lanes with potential for very much higher output than a single track machine.
  • Special Custom Configurations:
    Special conveyors, accumulators, pick and place, vacuum, metal detectors, weigh checking and other special systems can be integrated into an automatic line.